Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Angel Trish

There is one reason and one reason only that I have managed to stay on top of our blooming AnK business this term.  That reason is Trish.  Trish and her husband David are volunteers with the VISE organisation. VISE volunteers provide educational assistance to families and students in rural Australia. As you are most likely already aware both Angie and myself teach our children through distance education (school of the air).  Whilst at times this is both rewarding and fullfilling it is also time consuming and challenging. For the last 6 weeks Trish has been my children's tutor, on a daily basis she has handled our schoolroom with professionalism, skill and eagerness.  Trish has dealt with on air lessons, computer link ups, literacy, maths, spelling, journal writing, on air reading, science, phys ed. and all the other pieces of our busy school day.  She has also handled my children, who on some days are a delight but they can also be positively horrifying !! I can say that because I'm their mother :)

Trish and David had their own motor home which they parked at the end of our backyard. Not only did Trish help out in the schoolroom, she also taught Maddy to knit and was coaxed into numerous science experiments with Tom.  David helped out in the cattle yards & doing water runs.  VISE is a truly wonderful organisation.  There is no way I would have achieved what I have this term without Trish's help. 

What have I been doing? The amount of times I have been asked this since Trish arrived !! Well I did our BAS, end of year financials, group certificates, work cover & superannuation.  I cleaned the kitchen, decluttered the cupboards, cleaned out the fridge and pantry. I cleaned both kids rooms, decluttered, got rid of too small clothes and too old toys. I pulled apart the 'bow room' and put it back together again - in a much more organised state so that when we now have visitors they can actually use the bed :)
I ordered supplies, created new products, pruned my roses and planted new plants.
I spent far too long on facebook and browsing ebay.
I wasted too long on silly government paperwork for the 'save the reef' greenies.
I went grocery shopping...all by myself...BLISS !!
I attended the Capella Craft Fair (along with Angie) and didn't once have to worry about getting behind in school !!
I read a magazine and browsed the internet.  Our washing got folded and put away. I finished the minutes from our school committee meeting. I cooked - cakes, biscuits, slices and fed the hungry mustering men.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time out of the schoolroom and dread facing going back in there on Monday !! Please bear with us while I once again become time poor.
You can read all about VISE here and if you know of a retired teacher who would like to volunteer we greatly encourage it !! Now where are the application forms for 2011 ??

Thanks Trish and Dave and thanks to all the Vise tutors who have kept many mothers sane over the years.


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Diane said...

What fabulous individuals these people are. Great story Kristy. Having taught at Distance Ed and and a sister who teaches her own children through the school, I have seen first hand, the great work that they do. Thanks for sharing.