Wednesday, April 24, 2013

11th Birthday Party - The Cake & Fun Games Part 3

The final part to the birthday blog...the birthday cake and some party action.

Of course there was more lolly bag filling !

The Pool Party Cake with pretzel and gumball swimmers, lolly lanes and jelly water
Lanes are a bit wonky but the kids thought it was great.

Slip and Slide Fun

The Scavenger Hunt

Year 6 LSODE Kids try out the buggy and bikes.


The limbo

Water Bombs

It was a great day thanks to everyone who came and helped and made it such a memorable event :)

11th Birthday Lolly Bar - Part Two

Can't believe how quickly the first part of this year has flown by, I haven't managed to even finish our birthday blog ! Here are some photos from the Lolly Bar at the kids 11th birthday party. Links to suppliers where relevant.

The 'Malden' Lolly Bar

Pool Floaties - Container from Spotlight, Blue Cloud Lollies and
Mango Licorice from Woolworths,
Blue and Orange Wrapped lollies from Crazy Clarks.,

Pool Noodles - Target and Printable Labels from My Party Design

Water Bombs - Orange M & Ms (Woolworths), Blue and
Orange Jellybeans (Pink Frosting)

Lollipops - Little Big Company and Printables from My Party Design

Sherbie Kickboards - Ebay

Beach Ball Shimmer Gum - Little Big Company

Sour Strap Towels - Woolworths

Clear Lolly Bags - The Reject Shop and Party Printables - My Party Design

Miss L and Miss B filling up their take home Lolly Bag

Miss B shows her finished lolly bag
Hopefully I'll be back with another blog much sooner next time :)