Monday, August 23, 2010

Made It Monday and Ava's Tea Party

Yesterday marked a very special day for a beautiful family in Brisbane.  It was the birthday of their daughter who was taken away from them tragically at aged 3.  You may have heard about this story but if not you can read it here.  Her story is written by her very courageous mother Sheye Rosemeyer and how Ava was taken from them in a freak accident.  Sheye created a memorial site for their daughter.  At this site you can read the Story of Ava and her death and also how her family has created a legacy to raise awareness for safety in regard to your own parked cars in your drive-way.

Each year on the 22nd August people all over the country celebrate the "Super Princess's" birth with Ava's Tea Party.  Money raised at such events are passed onto Paradise Kids.  Paradise Kids was started  for children to ‘help heal their heartache’ when faced with a traumatic situation in their little lives.
You can read Sheye's beautiful and inspirational blog here.

So this is how we get to Made It Monday.  At a tea party it is only customary to have cupcakes.  So I found some very special little cupcake item's on Made It.


Angie & Kristy 

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