Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sharing one of my 'Must read' blogs.

Today I thought I would share one of my favourite blogs.  On most days I will sit down and read a few blogs.  I don't read a lot of books but I will sit and read a blog.  A blog for me has to catch my eye straight away or talk about something that I am interested in.  It's very exciting when you find a new blog and spend some time going through all the pages.

Divas and Dreams is written by Christine who lives in Denmark.  Christine's photographs is what captured my interest at first.  She specialises in Women's Portraiture and also photographing girly things.  Being a girly girl at heart I always love to see what she comes up with.  I love her angles she uses when she is taking pictures, they really draw you in.
I am going to share with you a mood board that she created and took pictures of.  I love this particular mood board.  It has the colours in it that I like and I love the vintage pictures of the women.  I want to create a mood board also to hang in my office area.  It has to be something that inspires me so I am just waiting for my creative energy to hit me with it.  I know what I want to use on it I just have to wait for that feeling so I can lay it all down.

All pictures are from Diva and Dreams.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Made It Monday

I am dedicating Made It Monday this week to homewares.  I have had heaps of fun trawling through all the pages of Homewares - I love homewares.

Snow Farm Homewares

Tractor Girl

Hat Box Sundae

Owls Are Hunting


Friday, September 24, 2010

Chocolate Heaven

It's school holidays so I like to get a bit of cooking done and stock piled in our freezer for when we start mustering once it dries up.
Miss S and I baked these today.....they won't make it to the freezer. 

You can find the recipes here  and here for these yummy, decident cupcakes.

Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All things new in Spring

To celebrate all the new life in spring we have added a new spring flower hair clip to our collection.  This one is the Ella Fabric Clip.  I just love the colours of this fabric...  I wish I had larger pieces of this so these clips are going to be one offs.  No clip will be the same as another.

The Ella Fabric Clips can be purchased from our store.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Made It Monday - Sensational Softies

This weeks madeit Monday is dedicated to softies....ohhhh just so cute :)

Nattygai Milly Molly Softie Doll $45

Vintage Chenille Heidi Plush Elephant $18

Oopah Baby Oopha $38

Ollie Rose Giraffe Rattle $15.95

Mulberry Road Babushka Baby Toy $20

Couldn't believe these softies though :)  Had a little chuckle to myself !!

Julia Gillard Softie

Tony Abbott Softie - complete with budgie smugglers :)

Happy softie shopping, you may need something
nice and soft to cuddle up with while all this rain is around :)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Girls Buys # 4

During my recent time away I hit the shops to see what I could find for Miss M.

Thomas Cook had a great range of polos up to a
Size 14 for $37.95 and they have an online shopping swag !!
They had fantastic mix and match denim shorts and skirts as well.

I've always been a fan of Chino Kids and their new Summer range doesn't disappoint. Available up to a Size 12 at selected children's boutiques - you can check out their website for your closest stockist.

Pumpkin Patch Urban Angel - Size 8 - 14/16 Marle Tee
and Denim Shorts with Plaid Trim.
I also found some great vintage floral fabrics in the Pumpkin Patch Range available up to 11 years. (not available online as yet)  Here's a sneek peek for you

Willow and Finn - Gorgeous clothes for girls up to a Size 14 - available at selected Children's Boutiques, will soon be available on their website and you can get some great old season Willow and Finn online at Gifts4Kids

Eeni Meeni Miini Moh - absolutely divine products up to a Size 12

Seed also have some great summer clothes up to a Size 10. Available online at Seed or instore. Loving these canvas ballet shoes and navy cargo skirt.

Hope you are enjoying our Big Girls Buys Blog Series. Would love to know of any brands or online sites that you have found.

Happy Shopping


Monday, September 13, 2010

Made It Monday - Butterflies

Spring weather is definitely in full swing in my neck of the woods.  All our flowers are just starting to peep out of there buds.  Butterflies are everywhere in the garden so I thought I would make this post about Butterflies.

Who's Frank

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just like a real one....

I have just purchased 2 new horses.  There names are 'Sorbet' and 'Sherbet'.  Two little fillies waiting to fulfill the hearts of two beautiful twin nieces of mine.
They are not real horses, they are hobby horses.  You know the classic version of the stick horse.  But these are more beautiful.
Sorbet and Sherbet were created by the very talented Elke at Calamity Bolt.  Elke uses gorgeous up cycled fabrics for their beautifully detailed heads.  They are all unique in their own little ways and they can probably already tell a hundred stories or times gone by.
The stick part is handcrafted from sustainable pine and finished with a Natural Tung and Orange Oil wood finish.

Sorbet and Sherbet. 
Elke is happy to customise an order for you.  I wanted a pink and green colourway and I was more than happy with what Elke sent me as a preview.  I couldn't go past these two beauties.  What do you think?

Here is another Calamity Bolt horse available in store now.

So pop on over and see what Elke has created.  See if you can choose one from the huge yard of available horses.  A horse sale has never been so fun.

I am actually looking for a new pony for my daughter and if buying one was this easy it would cost me a whole let less in phone calls.

Good night all.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Made It Monday - Big Girls Buys

Following along with our theme of Big Girls Buys, our madeit Monday blogpost is dedicated to gorgeous items for the big Princesses.

Oopsidaisi French Birdy Singlet Sz 14 $28.00

AnK Bowtique Violet Vintage Lace & Pearls Stretch Headband $12.00

Myrtle and Grace Hannah's Rose Garden Dress Sz 0 - 12 $40.00

Eva Mei and Me Floral Skirt Sz 8 $22

 The Shop Around The Corner Romantic Floral Necklace $18.50

The best thing about shopping on madeit is that all items are handmade, so if you see something you like that is not in your size you can email the seller to see if they will custom make the item to fit your princess.

Happy madeit shopping


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big Girls Buys # 3

When searching for clothes for your tween princess it helps to know some brands to look for.  Today's blogpost is dedicated to some great online stores that stock brands for tweens. Where possible I have linked to the brand and an online stockist. Other stockists may be available by googling the brand.

Mini Treasures Maddison Dress Sz 2 - 12 Available at La Toriana

Mac & Molly Aqua Floral Woven Top and Ouch 7/8 Slouch Jeans Available from 5 Little Monkeys

Two Belles Gypsy Dress available from Where Did You Get That

Fresh Baked Pocahantas Tee and Ra Ra Skirt available from Sassy Muffets

Tahlia by Minihaha Red Paisley Dress Available from Sassy Muffets

and while you're over shopping at Sassymuffets check out the gorgeous
Baby Gassy Gooma brand - limited stock available, you will need to check back as it is updated often.

Don't forget to check out AnK Bowtique for great matching accessories.

More great Big Girls Buys coming soon :)

Love to know your thoughts so far.