Monday, May 30, 2011

Made It Monday - Womens Accessories

Gee, it feels like a long time since I have been on our blog. 
I have a small addiction to women's accessories.  I love how they can dress up or down your outfit.  So I have been through the wonderful Made It and found some great things that I have my eye on.

Belt Buckle from Broken Plates Mosaic

Jersey Scarf from Randome Ally

I Phone Case from bRainbow

Leather Brooches from Blue Ginger Designs

Necklace from Little Viking Girl

Happy Shopping!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Winter time

Well, this is my first EVER blog!  Kristy, my sister, asked me to be this week's guest blogger as she has found herself run off her feet and hasn't got time to find this week's five madeit finds.  So as I sit here on my husband's laptop in our lounge room with Miss Three wanting me to make a cubby house out of blankets and Master One trying to type - let's see what I can find under my chosen subject - WINTER TIME. It has turned very chilly in the last week down here in southern NSW so I have been spending quite a bit of time searching madeit for things to keep us warm and cosy.
Red Stitch Designs

 I L O V E these gorgeous handmade fabric pears from Red Stitch Designs. To me the natural linen/cotton mixed with little wood twigs conjours up images of a cosy lounge room warmed by an open fire - somewhere to snuggle up on a cold winter's night - we have had quite a few cold nights lately!.  They would look fantastic sitting on my sideboard (hint hint Kristy - my birthday is not that far away!)

 Black Eyed Susie

CUTE !  My little boy would look just divine walking around in these cosy merino baby shoes by Black Eyed Susie.  He is just starting to walk and I am having trouble keeping his feet warm as he likes to pull his socks off and try to eat them!  These would surely stay on and keep his little footsies nice and cosy!

I saw these a few years ago in a magazine and thought I would really like to try them out.  They are natural wool laundry drying balls from Tumblemonkey.  Just pop them into your clothes dryer with your wet clothes - they work by drawing moisture out of the wet items to reduce drying time.  A much better idea than the old rag I use!  And they would look so stylish in my newly tidied laundry (thanks to the mouse plague I was forced to clean my laundry top to toe!).


"Awww that's really pretty mum", Miss Three Year Old tells me!  I think so too.  A gorgeous swing coat in navy from Bobkin.  It is such a pity that I have already finished my winter buying for Miss Three otherwise this would have been definitely on my shopping list.  Dress it up over a pair of pants, or make it a bit casual over leggings or tights.  Love the leaf detail on the lining - a must have wardrobe item for your little princess!

Little Black Bird
I think I've left the best 'til last!  This is my absolute favourite madeit find!  This divine woollen patchwork quilt is handmade in Melbourne by Little Black Bird. It is made from pre-loved woollen jumpers and doesn't it look so snuggly and warm?  The quilts are made in 3 different sizes and are made-to-order.  This red, linen and cream quilt is definitely going in my MUST HAVE list!

Well, that's it from me.  Cubby making time!.  Hope you have a happy and warm madeit Monday!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

A blog from under the Mulberry Tree

The lovely ladies from AnK have asked me to  be a 'guest blogger' for this Madeit Monday. Quickly following their request I was met with the task of picking a theme for my mini blog.... only for Kristy to quickly point out that I could follow the theme of photography! Woohoo! I'm right into the swing of all things photographically themed at the moment. With the re-opening of my business as Mulberry Photo Art coming in June, I have invested quite a lot in new props & accessories... many of which have been located and sourced from Madeit! 

Of course one of my main made it loves is AnK Bowtique. Mulberry Photo Art will be offering 'Mini Pettiskirt Princess Photo Shoots' after re-opening.... exclusively styled by AnK.....needless to say my ever growing pettiskirt & hair accessory combination will need on going replenishment... totally totally excited about their new {vintage celebration range} of pettis soon to be released...and can't wait to photograph some beautiful little models in these during our combined photo shoot on the 8th of July.

I have also recently added another beautiful hobby horse from Calamity Bolt to my collection... already having had the gorgeous 'Buster' in the photography stable for quite a while and after the birth of my daughter I felt as though we needing to filly it up a bit... so I purchased another one of Elke's deliciously different hand made horses.

PS Whilst you're there check out the gorgeous photography courtesy of Elke's husband! Just stunning!
Love love love.

Bunting is excellent too. You can tie it up anywhere... including outside between trees. Last week I purchased a lovely green and pink bunting length from Sammy Jo. GREAT VALUE. Much longer than what you would usually find for this price...highly recommend if you're after bunting... exceptional quality!

Another prop that is a little out of the box is the good ol' mobile. Great to dangle over newborns... or to shoot through with depth of field focused on the main subject to create a nice 'whimsy' effect. I like these pretty pink hearts from Ruby's House.

And last but certainly not least... the knitted head wear... these have become must have props for any newborn photographer of late... I just adore this little pink beanie & cocoon from Cub Designs... digging the little wings too in this photo!

Anyway.. that's me! Hope you enjoyed looking at a few of my photography prop picks from Madeit... I could also go on to mention the extremely popular Oopsidaisi & Georgie Girl creations... but they go without saying  don't they? 

Off for another busy week.... preparing  for the 'AnK Next Mulberry Model' Shoot coming up in July...... can't wait!!! It's going to be bigger and better than last year!

Phoebe xxxooo

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Madeit Monday.....Love You Mum

Our Madeit Monday blog is dedicated to my gorgeous Mum who is always there for my sisters and I.  She is such a hardworker and a dedicated Ma Ma. She is having a bad week after being robbed (whilst they were asleep). 

Hope you have a great Mothers Day Mum, sorry we can't all be there to celebrate it with you ! Let us know if you like any of our Madeit picks and we will send them your way !

Shop Around The Corner Patchwork Fabric Bag $89

Here We Go Loopy Loo Pink Peony Bookmark $8

Oscar & Matilda Resin Bangle $39.95

Mulberry Muse Mothers Day Card $5.95

Citrus Pop L'Amore ... Vintage Inspired Necklace $36 

Red Zebra Designs Shoe Clips $20

Ollie Octopus Fabric Notebook $20

Hope this week is a bit brighter.
Happy madeit shopping.