Friday, August 6, 2010

A day of Decorating with Shannon Fricke

This post is not coming from my usual spot in my office, but a beautiful house in Bangalow (near Byron bay, NSW).  I have had the most enjoyable day with some fantastic ladies and Shannon Fricke.  Shannon has opened up her little cottage studio to normal, average people like me to share in a world of interior decorating.  The ladies I spent time with today all had a 'story' and I could sit and listen to them all day.  We all offered something different to the conversations but all shared a love of beautiful interiors. 
Shannon was a superb host and we all sat enthralled with her presentation.  It was a very interactive day and she allowed all of us interior decorating starved women loose in her beautiful studio.  We were like children in a lolly shop.
Our first project was playing with colour and seeing how it changed once you layered it onto another colour.  This was a very eye opening activity and it was very clear to me the differences.  It was something that I would not have considered in my own home when choosing colours. 
We had a beautiful lunch that was prepared by Nicki. All morning we could smell the most amazing smells wafting up to us on the upper level of the cottage.  The spread of food was to die for and after a morning of trying to absorb every little morsel of information it was a welcome relief.
After lunch we all had a chance of creating our own mood boards and finding our own style.  Now, I thought I knew what my style was but until I put it on a board it is now clearer and I have a direction of where to go.

Today was like a fairy tale for me.  Just being in the same room with someone like Shannon, who is such an inspirational person has been a very uplifting experience.  She made us all feel very welcome and listened to all our stories and decorating ideas with full attention.  Shannon let us build our 'stories' through our own knowledge and ideas and also gave tips that has helped evolve our ideas into our own work that we can all be proud of.

This is my mood board.

Shannon's blog is full of eye candy and inspiration and there you will find all the information on her workshops.

I will now go and stoke the fire and settle down with a nice cup of tea and some lovely little chocolates. The perfect finish to a perfect day.


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