Thursday, January 16, 2014

AnK Headquarters

Ordering supplies, listing products, printing invoices.....this is where it all happens.

 It has certainly been a while since we posted anything on our very badly neglected blog, many apologies xxoo There always seems to be something much more urgent to do :) During October 2013 we were lucky enough to have a magazine visit our home in Central QLD (stay tuned for more details).  They were completing a feature article on Distance Education.  Of course I wanted the place looking ship shape which prompted an overhaul of AnK Headquarters. Excuse the ordinary photos I am certainly not a photographer, here's a little tour of where I work and store all our supplies.

It was certainly a challenge to find the floor :)

Hours on hours spent folding fabric and lace and rolling ribbon which seemed like a good idea at the time.........

More ribbon, clips and supplies, close at hand.  The ipad is a fantastic tool to have close by.

Fantastic ribbon rack built by Mr AnK a few years ago when we were flooded in.

The AnK Work Table looking rather neat - NOTE: It does not always look like this.

A snap shot of the many elements involved in making a clip set.
Lots more goodies in reach behind the table.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of AnK headquarters, we converted a spare room after AnK outgrew our lounge room :)  Patiently waiting until I can take over the school room ! Would you like to see what we did to the rest of our house ?