Thursday, January 31, 2013

Savour The Outback

Savour The Outback - From the Kitchens of the
Longreach School of Distance Education
Apologies for being absent from the world of blogging over the last few months.  It has been a hectic time at AnK Headquarters. Way back in September last year we were thrilled to release our school recipe book ~ Savour The Outback.

Longreach School of Distance Education is a unique school -

"Imagine a classroom more than twice the size of Victoria, where the playground is as vast as the outback and the partnership between home and school is legendary."
Also known as "School of the Air", our distance education centre provides schooling for (mainly) geographically isolated students scattered across Central and Western QLD. As part of the P and C at our school we also have a seperate Tourism Sub Committee, the Tourism Committee are a very dedicated group of volunteers that overseer the tourism business at the school.  LSODE Tourism offers tours of the school, live lesson link ups and an amazing insight into the world of Distance Education. With several staff on the books and lots of tourists to cater for it is certainly a busy committee to be part of. I joined the Committee in 2008 and became Secretary in 2009, Angie joined in 2009 and became President in 2010.  So if you are wondering why AnK can be quiet during the school term then this is one of the reasons.

All ready for the official opening
As part of the souvenirs sold in our Tourism Room we wanted to produce a new Recipe Book, I started collecting recipes in 2008 and the book has been a work in process ever since.  At times I wondered if we would ever cross the finish line. A considerable amount of tears and wine later we have produced an amazing book that will be proudly placed on many kitchen benches all across Australia and even worldwide.

Matt Bron and Angie officially launching the book.
The book was launched at a special function held at LSODE by Matt Bron Director of QLD Tourism, Outback and Gulf and attended by lots of families and locals.  We had some recipes to sample and lots of books to sell.

Within a month of releasing this special book we were thrilled to have SOLD OUT of our first print run of 1000 books, we are quietly confident that our next print run will also be a sell out during 2013. Not only are the recipes fantastic but the photography is also spectacular.


If you would like to order a copy of this amazing book, you can do so by emailing
Books are $30 and $12 postage (for up to 3 books) or books can be purchased from Myers Newsagency, Longreach QLD.

We promise to be back soon to the badly neglected blog for some more news on what we got up to at the end of 2012. Thanks also for your patience while we have completed this project which will raise funds for remote children to access a quality education.  Funds help with minischools, camps, library resources and home tutor training.
If you are in the Longreach area whilst travelling please pop by and visit our school, it is certainly a tourism attraction worth attending.
Kristy, Angie and School Principal
Mrs Rowena Arthur at the Recipe Book Launch

AnK Helper Suzanne also forms part of this committee -
she is in charge of Souvenirs
(yes we like to keep things in the family !!)