Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Madeit Monday....Fit for a Royal Wedding

Where did my holidays go, where oh where can they be ?? Yes we are back in the schoolroom, started yesterday.  Despite the fact there are 3 public holidays this fortnight, the distance education paper writers in their wisdom have not allowed for public holidays.  The thought of this VERY FULL term has scared me back into school action.  Today our classroom is full of heaving personal referrants, front ending 4 digit numbers, and using the 'adjustment' strategy to add.  No idea what I'm on about....well you will once the national curriculum is released !!

Anyway enough about school, I was tempted to blog about mothers day but have decided the Royal Wedding just must take precendence !!

Check out what I found on madeit that is fit for a royal wedding !! AnK will be working on some very special wedding outfits over the next few months, can't wait until we can see all the wedding princesses in their outfits :)

Paper Boat Invitations Wedding Invitation in a Tin $18

My Sweet Prints Customised Wedding Scroll $25

All About Romance Bridal Flower Ring $20

Pinwheels and Pearls Wedding Ribbon Wands $200 for 100 wands

Hand Poured Insewition Wedding Bomboniere - 50 seductive soy
Vintage Bird caged Votive's $285

The Sugar Pot Best Man Cufflinks $9.95

Nyjole Jewellery Lace Bracelet $86

Happy madeit shopping :)


Monday, April 18, 2011

Madeit Monday....Baby Shoes....too cute :)

Last night we went to a christening, there was a chill in the air and the mossies were fierce but we had a great time ! Thanks Anna & family for having us, Mr T and Miss M were rather besotted with little Tempe !  I was surrounded by an adorable group of babies, ohhhh so cute.  Searching madeit today I was thrilled to find so many gorgeous pairs of baby footwear - this is a little girl orientated sorry but I mean where would a girl be without a good collection of shoes to match each outfit ;)

Memory Lane Mary Janes Nesian Kids $20
Soft Sole Baby Shoes Candy Gallery $20
Plum Petal Baby Shoes Miss Poppitt $15
Rosie Toes Shoes Sharmeil $15
Eloise Mary Janes Little Wildrose $35

 Madeit has some wonderful sellers with such fantastic
handmade items.  Why not have a search and see what you can find.

I can't possibly blog about baby shoes without telling you about Joyfolie - these shoes will make your heart melt and your mouth drool.  They are impossibly beautiful and ridiculously hard to get.  Oh so divine, I just love them. Let me know what you think.

Happy rainy day shopping.  I'm still stuck in the clutter of Miss M's wardrobe - yes there will be enough hand me downs for everyone !!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Madeit Monday (on a Sunday !)....GO BOREE

We have finally made it to the end of term (only one week to go),
it has been a push to get there !! 

This afternoon we are travelling to Longreach for the kids athletics carnival (tomorrow), it will be great to catch up with other distance ed. mums and the kids will have a great time seeing all their friends. The kids sports house is BOREE, they are on a high after taking home the swimming carnival trophy and are all primed ready for action !!

Team captains are Lachlan and Hollie who have done a terrific job this year in motivating their team, well done guys :)  They have a few surprises in store too - watch out COOLIBAH.  Our madeit finds this week are dedicated to BOREE, and all things yellow.  Guess which colour Angie and I will be wearing tomorrow !! GO BOREE !!

Yellow Poker Dot Coin Purse

Lille Kusine $18

Vintage Yellow Rose Japanese Glass Cabochon Earrings
Vintette $10

Tissue Pom Poms - Set of 4 Yellow Gingham Tissue Pom Poms

Magic Stardust $30

Lavender shoe inserts
Sole Passion $15.95

Mini Fabric Basket - Yellow Spots
Anna Marie $8.50

Yellow and white polkadot fabric sun visor - 1950s style
Twirling Betty      $25 

Daisy Daisy Bib Set
Aisling Milis $12
Hope these lovely madeit finds brighten your day :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Made It finds..

 I am comparing myself to a fine tuned marathon runner (if you have seen me you will know that is definitely not the case) who is at the last leg of their run.  You can feel all your muscles seizing up and you are starting to feel delirious.  Thoughts of not making it are running through your head.  All this hard work and maybe it is all going to be for nothing!  Then suddenly you get this feeling of new enthusiasm, maybe you will make it.  No there it goes, that thought was short lived.

I am on my last week of school.  This has been the longest term (12weeks) in history.  I am even taking the last week off because I think I will go absolutely mad if I have to drag myself back out to the school room for another week. 

This weeks 'Made It' finds are some cute things I found last week.

Fancy That. (much better than the Woolies variety)
Choochie Bubble (Its a wheat bag, to warm up and snuggle with)
Zinnia Pea (gorgeous sayings printed on cup and saucer)
Anrol Designs ( I have just purchased this for my bedroom)
I hope you enjoy!

I am now thinking like the little engine that could, ( I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.)