Saturday, February 27, 2010

Alice in Wonderland fever

I seems that everywhere I look at the moment there is more and more about Alice in Wonderland.  A few years ago I bought the DVD for my daughters (It's like the original production).  I have not been able to get them to watch it.  They say it looks boring.
Well, they seen the ad for the new production and both jumped up and down wanting me to take them to the movies.  Personally I am not convinced by the new one and am unsure if I will take them to it.  Maybe I will bribe them if they watch the original then I will take them to the new one.

When or if you go and see the new one leave a comment and let me know if it is worth seeing.

I have found these few handmade items on Made It and thought I would share them with you.  Like I said it's all about Alice in Wonderland.
Little Eve

Mish Mash Designs

My One Brown Mouse

Run Wild Horse

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Every girl needs a little vintage.

I am so in love with Pearls and Lace at the moment.  I love the vintage vibe it gives me and the girlyness.  Sometimes out here in the dust you need a little 'pretty' in your life.

I have just received the New Rachael Ashwell Book 'Shabby Chic Interiors'.  I love her style of decorating.  Using vintage finds and giving them new life in her home.

Etsy store GiorgiaGriegoFineArt

Etsy store Sunnybrookfarmdesigns

Etsy store Jaini

Etsy store Hippiebride

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Miss C's Birthday Present

Well I've spent all afternoon on Miss C's birthday present. What do you think?
The pettiskirt has a ribbon loop so that you can change the bow for a flower

I'm going to make a matching headband or clip but these would look also FANTASTIC worn with one of our new beanies.  You can check them out HERE

Would love some comments ......PLEASE....socially deprived here with all this flood water.


More Water

For those wanting a creek update....we are still flooded in.  The water is a lot higher than our last photos (see previous post) and we don't think it has peaked yet.

Looks like we will be stuck for a while longer as it is still raining. On a good note Mr K can't go anywhere !! So he has built me a wonderful ribbon rack, will post some photos soon. PROMISE !!

We would like to congratulate The Fairy Ring for winning the Handmade Kids Rising Star Award.  Voting was certainly close.  Thanks to all those who supported AnK Bowtique by voting for us.

Better go...have to create a t-shirt to go with a pettiskirt for my niece's birthday.  Miss C is such a cutie it should be a fun task !!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thanks Everyone

Angie and I would like to thank everyone who has voted for us in the Handmade Kids Rising Star Awards.  It has been neck and neck and we are slightly behind.  Voting closes today :)
If you haven't voted (on all the computers in your house/work .....LOL !) then you can vote here
Go to the right of the page, click on AnK Bowtique and then submit vote.
We're very overwhelmed to have received so many votes, sorry to those we have facebook 'stalked' in an attempt to get us over the line.
Thanks for your support of AnK Bowtique.
We have been thrilled to be part of the HMK Rising Star Awards and also a part of the madeit community.  Check out these other great items that you can buy from madeit

Address Books with removable covers from Chicken Ink.

Crochet Barbie Dolls Dress from C Percy Designs

Halle Jay 's fab oilcloth kids apron.

Beautiful Wedding Card from StudioS

These madeit sellers have been super supportive of AnK in our quest to achieve Handmade Kids stardom.
We wish them all the best with their madeit stores as well.
Fingers crossed the rest of the day sees a few more votes coming in.
Here's the link again just in case you need it ;)

Catch you tomorrow with good news (we hope) !!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ribbon Organisation...Oh how I Wish !!

What to do with all that ribbon ?? My mind is already a mess with thoughts of school - did we complete that on air lesson?, have I emailed it to the teacher?, have they BOTH finished their soft toy creation?, whose turn is it on the BIG computer?, was it the P & C meeting today?, have I finished the tourism agenda?, are the 200 computation cards cut out ready for tomorrow's maths?  No wonder I feel exhausted.
I need some organisation.  Thought I'd start with something ribbon collection !! Well maybe not so simple but at least achievable.  I've trawled through the internet and have Mr K half convinced he needs to 'create' something for me.

This looks pretty but the ribbon would curl.............

Absolutely fab but difficult to maintain !!!!

Really loving this one.

Ribbon storage envy here...a rotating ribbon rack!!

Thought I'd found the perfect one....but just had a thought.  Then I'd have to pin all the ribbons on the rotating bit so they wouldn't unwind :(
Would love to hear (and even better see) any other ideas you may come across.  Post some photos on our Facebook Fans page or comment below.

Don't forget we still need your votes in the HMK Rising Star Awards. VOTE NOW for AnK Bowtique.


Friday, February 5, 2010


Thought you might like to see the reason we are so stuck.  This photo here shows approx. 5 metres deep of water flowing rapidly across our access road.
The water is on the rise and very fast moving.  I'm very sad to report that there will be no 8th birthday party for Miss M & Master T. 

This is what our creek / road looks like with no water in it, so you can see why we are so stuck - no other way in or out !! Mr K built a great foot bridge for us to use in event of such flood !! Unfortunately it has about 3 metres of water on top of it.

Not to complain...we love the rain, lots of green grass and fat cattle.  Could just do with some adult company at the moment as we struggle through the first few weeks of school :(

Can't wait to see Mr T's face when he opens his Nintendo DS in the morning and Miss M's when she sees the super cute bracelet from Lovestamp

If you haven't already please remember to vote for us in the Handmade Kids Rising Star Award - voting link is up the top right hand side of our blog.  It will make our day !!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New items in our Store

Thank you to everyone who has cast votes for us in the HMK Rising Star Awards.  It is really exciting to see how we are all going with the voting.  I am happy to report that we are currently in the lead but the other stores are catching us.

Kristy and I have been busy and have some new Items in our store.  We are both feeling the preassures of school at the moment and both of us are using our little hobby as our 'out'.  I would love to know how everyone else deals with the pressures of life?
Winter is fast approaching so we are starting to head towards our winter colours and designs, but lets face it the summer colours are still so lovely and they do brighten up a cold winters day.

1. Claudia Felt Stretch Headband. $7.50.  2. Crochet Beanie Infant Size. $17.00
3. Sophia Peony Flower Stretch Headband. $10.00.  4. Crochet Beanie Toddler Size. $17.00

Monday, February 1, 2010

Voting has started...

We are very excited about this.  Voting has started for the Handmade Kids Rising Star award.  If we win this we will receive a very attractive advertising deal with HMK.  The competition has been designed to help out new businesses that have started in the last twelve months.  We applaud HMK for taking the initituive to help out rising businesses.  It's a cut throat world out there for small businesses.

Anyway, click on the Rising Star tab on the right hand side of our blog and it will take you to the HMK Homepage where on the right hand side of there you can cast your vote.

Thanks for voting for us and also good luck to the other 4 nominees.

I better go Miss M has a lesson with her teacher on the phone.