Monday, January 31, 2011

Madeit Monday - French Chic, April in Paris

To celebrate the release of Georgie Girl and Ank Bowtique's April in Paris Collection (which sold out quicker than you could blink), our Madeit Monday blog this week is very french inspired...oh la la !!

Parisian chic princess dress littlemissdoily $45

Parisian Dream 3 Tiered Twirl Skirt Sz 1-6  TomandMolly $35


French Greeting Card Paris Eiffel Tower  MulberryMuse $5.95


French Poodle and Eiffel Tower 8x8 Decorative Cushion  TigesandWeince $24


Filigree Paris Necklace  LilacAndSnow $37


2011 diary "Parisville"  LittleWildrose $20


French Mademoiselle Doll  MonPetitPoppet $45

 Happy french shopping :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Made It Monday (on Tuesday) - Back to School

Well it's our first day back at school today.  I don't know where the holidays have gone!.  This poor blog has been a bit neglected lately so I am kicking us back off again with Made It Monday.
I have found some very funky little accessories to help motivate and hype up the back to school vibe.

Cate Holst Design

Hunting for Ladybugs


My daughter is starting Prep this year and is very excited.  I wish all the new little preppies and the first time mothers a fantastic start at school. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Creative Space Gets a Makeover

As most people who know me well will tell you, I like to be organised.  My creative area was in need of an overhaul and with the count down on until we head back to the schoolroom I needed to get a wriggle on or there would be no madeit store reopening. I am fortunate enough to have some help in my house cleaning and decluttering - the Miss Courtney is a fabulous addition to our grazing workforce this year, but until the floodwater goes away and school goes back she has been enlisted to help me !! 

Although I have a 'bow room' as it is affectionately called in our house, it is also a spare room so my creative space is actually our lounge room.  I have been reminded on the odd occassion that it's not the best thing to see when you first walk in our door but the lounge room does have it's benefits. Plus when you're flooded in for 20 weeks in a year you don't get many visitors :)

1.  I can watch TV.
2. It is air conditioned
3.  I can see if anyone is coming down the road
4.  I can talk to my husband at night (when most of my work takes place & he is sitting on the couch!!)

So in an attempt to make it look a bit more presentable I have 'borrowed' some storage from the school room (don't ask what IT looks like now - we haven't got to that room yet !!). I think it will work (sorry Donna I couldn't take over the toyroom - it has no aircon and no view !!)

I would love for all my storage to be this neat and organised, but until we ship the kids off to boarding school and I can take over the school room....the lounge room will have to do !!

The craft table where it all happens !!

Think I might need to invest in some more of these !!
They are great for hiding things :)

Definitely could use a few more drawers too !

Ribbon, ribbon everywhere !

Love the digital photo frame with all the AnK models flashing by - great motivation.

The schoolroom shelves definetly came in I just have to work out where to put the MAB's, 3D shapes and sight words...ARGHHHHHH !

 My newest addition to the creative space is my, love, love.  Just perfect for keeping up with ordering supplies, checking emails and posts on facebook.

Unfortunately although I like to be an organised crafter I also make quite a mess whilst I'm creating. So Suzanne I will TRY to keep it clean just for you - or at least until you can come over and see what it looks like !! Oh and Angie - now you can see the amount of supplies in my lounge room, best get over here before they sell out !! I could take photos of the organisation in the 'bow room' but I shall leave that for another day.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


As the action heats up in the AnK Bowtique Flood Appeal Auction, I thought I better tend to our very neglected blog.  Despite renovating Angie dusted off her builders mitts and managed to whip up this gorgeous necklace for the flood auction.

These are very rare items in the AnK Bowtique store so if you have wanted one for a while you better get bidding. Here's another one of Angie's creations that found its way to 2 little girls on a cattle property in Queensland.  I hope you like it Miss A & Miss G.

My Miss M was thrilled to receive this necklace in her christmas parcel from Angie & Crew.

Here she is wearing her Georgie Girl Ruffled Skirt and necklace and Indy Hair clip (both made by Angie), pictured with her Ma Ma.

I think we need to start pestering Angie to make more necklaces.....what do you think?
Back to the auction, things are starting to heat up there :)