Saturday, December 18, 2010

Clever Mr AnK

I've been meaning to blog for ages about Mr AnK's wet weather projects.  Seems fitting to do it today when it is raining yet again.  We have had unbelievable rain this year, over 50 inches and still counting.  Earlier this year Mr AnK built me this great ribbon rack, he even got the kids to help him paint it.  Although it doesn't look this neat (thanks Kirby for rolling up all my ribbon), it really has helped to have it all displayed like this.

He also built the kids a great bike rack, helps to keep the garage free from clutter.

So now you know what Mr AnK gets up to on those rainy days when he's not ferrying mail out on the trusty 4 wheeler motorbike or mustering cattle which is his 'real job'.
Stay safe from the storms :)


Tina M said...

That is simply FANTASTIC! What a clever Mr AnK you have.

Off The Peg said...

Nice work! I think I need to borrow your Mr AnK

sharon said...

hmm, I think we need more rain, could do with my Mr whipping up a bike rack! (not as much rain up here!)
just stumbled across your blog - have long been a madeit fan - and am delighted to see another qld country woman blogging and out there on the www!

flat irons said...

I didn't thought somebody will ever own more then me

It seems you are #1 in the World

Fantastic ...

ZippyZippy said...

very organised! Ribbons all look lovely, and we definately need one of those bike racks. Well done Mr Ank