Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crazy Craft Fair

We attend two major craft fairs each year.  Thank goodness that's all we do because getting that much stock ready is no easy feat.  This year we had the challenges of wet weather and Kristy having to leave home a day early and I was away leading up to it at a wedding.  Stock was transported from Kristy's on the back of a four wheel motorbike and then across a swollen river to her car on the other side of the creek.  But you know what they say it always works out in the end and we had a great time at the market.  It is fantastic to catch up with our customers face to face.

We were also lucky this year to win the Best Dressed table competition at this market which is a great honour.

This is a showcase of what gets created at the two AnK headquarters.

Now you can put a face to who we are. (Kristy on the left and I am on the right)

A big cuddle and thank you go to our super model and helper for the weekend, Suzanne (in the background to the left)

Thank goodness not a lot of stock come home with us, because the wet weather has really played havoc with AnK in recent weeks. 
We are now going to take a break over the holidays to recharge and refresh.  The store will be closed shortly but will be re opening in January, full again and with some new items.  Join our facebook page to keep up to date with all the news.


Naomi said...

Looks SO good! It's no wonder you got Best Dressed. Best everything if you ask me!

Off The Peg said...

That is A LOT of stock! Obviously you find the craft fairs really worthwhile. What a great idea to showcase your brand without having to travel from market to market.