Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hi, My name is Angie and I am addicted to Stationary

 I have an addiction to stationary.  I think it stems from my need to be organised and my little office is usually ( I use the word usually lightly)  the only place that is in my life.  I also like pretty things.  So I try and bring it into my office with cute little note books and other stationary items.  I don't usually buy stationary items from the usual newsagents and shopping markets.  I like things to be a little different.
I think the spaces that you spend a lot of your time in needs to inspire you.  I think the office is probably the place that needs the most life brought into it.  Using stationary and accessories is one way that I do this.
My office is a small room that is in the middle of our house with no windows.  I hate that I can't see the outside from in here.  Mr AnK has just installed a sky light in here for me so it is letting a lot of natural light in.  The plan is that when our school room is no longer needed I an turning that into the office/craft area and redesigning the exisiting office into a walk in robe.  I have plenty of time for the designing process because finishing school is still a long way off!

So I fed my addiction the other day with a little online shopping at Kikki K.  These are the new ininspiration items for my office.  I had a big clean out in here, just so that I could get the most out of laying these 'pretties' in their places.

Miss AnK's also have a stationary addiction but they like to shop at Smiggle

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