Monday, December 6, 2010

Made It Gift Guide - Little Girls

Todays gift guide is for all the little princesses in our lives.

Georgie Girl


Blackiki's Crafty Deliveries
Beetle Blue Designs

Happy Shopping!


robyn lee said...

Great selection Angie! I can see my grandaughter prancing around in the fairy wings and how cool is the Beetle Blue chair...I am off to the stores.
Robyn Lee x.

robyn lee said...

me again! thank you Angie for featuring those gorgeous wings...I have just purchased them for my grandaughter...I am a happy grammy!
robyn lee x

AnK said...

That's fantastic Robyn lee. They are just the most devine angel wings I have ever seen. Your grand daughter is a very lucky girl.

Tina M said...

Thanks for the inclusion Angie, I'm off to go shopping in some of those beautiful stores! x