Sunday, January 9, 2011


As the action heats up in the AnK Bowtique Flood Appeal Auction, I thought I better tend to our very neglected blog.  Despite renovating Angie dusted off her builders mitts and managed to whip up this gorgeous necklace for the flood auction.

These are very rare items in the AnK Bowtique store so if you have wanted one for a while you better get bidding. Here's another one of Angie's creations that found its way to 2 little girls on a cattle property in Queensland.  I hope you like it Miss A & Miss G.

My Miss M was thrilled to receive this necklace in her christmas parcel from Angie & Crew.

Here she is wearing her Georgie Girl Ruffled Skirt and necklace and Indy Hair clip (both made by Angie), pictured with her Ma Ma.

I think we need to start pestering Angie to make more necklaces.....what do you think?
Back to the auction, things are starting to heat up there :)

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