Monday, February 1, 2010

Voting has started...

We are very excited about this.  Voting has started for the Handmade Kids Rising Star award.  If we win this we will receive a very attractive advertising deal with HMK.  The competition has been designed to help out new businesses that have started in the last twelve months.  We applaud HMK for taking the initituive to help out rising businesses.  It's a cut throat world out there for small businesses.

Anyway, click on the Rising Star tab on the right hand side of our blog and it will take you to the HMK Homepage where on the right hand side of there you can cast your vote.

Thanks for voting for us and also good luck to the other 4 nominees.

I better go Miss M has a lesson with her teacher on the phone.


1 comment:

Kalynda said...

I just voted for you. You're in the lead at the moment - good luck!!! :D