Friday, February 5, 2010


Thought you might like to see the reason we are so stuck.  This photo here shows approx. 5 metres deep of water flowing rapidly across our access road.
The water is on the rise and very fast moving.  I'm very sad to report that there will be no 8th birthday party for Miss M & Master T. 

This is what our creek / road looks like with no water in it, so you can see why we are so stuck - no other way in or out !! Mr K built a great foot bridge for us to use in event of such flood !! Unfortunately it has about 3 metres of water on top of it.

Not to complain...we love the rain, lots of green grass and fat cattle.  Could just do with some adult company at the moment as we struggle through the first few weeks of school :(

Can't wait to see Mr T's face when he opens his Nintendo DS in the morning and Miss M's when she sees the super cute bracelet from Lovestamp

If you haven't already please remember to vote for us in the Handmade Kids Rising Star Award - voting link is up the top right hand side of our blog.  It will make our day !!


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