Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New items in our Store

Thank you to everyone who has cast votes for us in the HMK Rising Star Awards.  It is really exciting to see how we are all going with the voting.  I am happy to report that we are currently in the lead but the other stores are catching us.

Kristy and I have been busy and have some new Items in our store.  We are both feeling the preassures of school at the moment and both of us are using our little hobby as our 'out'.  I would love to know how everyone else deals with the pressures of life?
Winter is fast approaching so we are starting to head towards our winter colours and designs, but lets face it the summer colours are still so lovely and they do brighten up a cold winters day.

1. Claudia Felt Stretch Headband. $7.50.  2. Crochet Beanie Infant Size. $17.00
3. Sophia Peony Flower Stretch Headband. $10.00.  4. Crochet Beanie Toddler Size. $17.00

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