Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ribbon Organisation...Oh how I Wish !!

What to do with all that ribbon ?? My mind is already a mess with thoughts of school - did we complete that on air lesson?, have I emailed it to the teacher?, have they BOTH finished their soft toy creation?, whose turn is it on the BIG computer?, was it the P & C meeting today?, have I finished the tourism agenda?, are the 200 computation cards cut out ready for tomorrow's maths?  No wonder I feel exhausted.
I need some organisation.  Thought I'd start with something simple...my ribbon collection !! Well maybe not so simple but at least achievable.  I've trawled through the internet and have Mr K half convinced he needs to 'create' something for me.

This looks pretty but the ribbon would curl.............

Absolutely fab but difficult to maintain !!!!

Really loving this one.

Ribbon storage envy here...a rotating ribbon rack!!

Thought I'd found the perfect one....but just had a thought.  Then I'd have to pin all the ribbons on the rotating bit so they wouldn't unwind :(
Would love to hear (and even better see) any other ideas you may come across.  Post some photos on our Facebook Fans page or comment below.

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~~**sKySiE**~~ said...

Ive got the same problem in my scrapbooking room, ive seen so many "solutions" but none as awesome as that rotating one. At the moment i just have my ribbons stored like the third picture, but in a box, not a drawer. I also have ribbon stored on xtra large wire rings, i put the end of the ribbon in between 2 circles punched from cardstock, staple and punch a hole in the circles, and thread onto the large rings; have these colour sorted.

AnK said...

I know Skye, isn't it awesome !! I really need something. My ribbon is outta control. We had anoither 4 inches of rain last night and the creek is up AGAIN !! So maybe Mr K will get around to inventing something.

Anonymous said...

FYI for anyone in interested in the rotating ribbon holder.

It looks like the rotating one is an old power roller used
in ladies spas to help relax, invigorate and stimulate the
blood flow in the body. I have one and loved it for what it
was intended. You would tingle, literally, after using it.

I never thought of using it for a ribbon holder as it does
look like it would take some effort to attach the ribbon to
the rollers. But just plug it in and flip a switch to rotate
to the colors you're looking for.