Saturday, February 27, 2010

Alice in Wonderland fever

I seems that everywhere I look at the moment there is more and more about Alice in Wonderland.  A few years ago I bought the DVD for my daughters (It's like the original production).  I have not been able to get them to watch it.  They say it looks boring.
Well, they seen the ad for the new production and both jumped up and down wanting me to take them to the movies.  Personally I am not convinced by the new one and am unsure if I will take them to it.  Maybe I will bribe them if they watch the original then I will take them to the new one.

When or if you go and see the new one leave a comment and let me know if it is worth seeing.

I have found these few handmade items on Made It and thought I would share them with you.  Like I said it's all about Alice in Wonderland.
Little Eve

Mish Mash Designs

My One Brown Mouse

Run Wild Horse


Little Eve said...

Oh, i'm thrilled to see my Alice apron on your blog! Thanks for sharing her in your lovely selection. Cathy x

My One Brown Mouse said...

Thanks for using my Alice pouch in your blog! It was a wonderful surprise to see it here!!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

What beautiful 'alice' finds!

ChallenCharms said...

I personally can't wait to see the new movie but admittedly that might have something to do with Johnny Depp being in it. Great Made It finds.

Little Eve said...

You may be the reason my Alice Apron sold yesterday. Thanks!! Cathy x

AnK said...

Thats great Cathy. You will busy keeping up with demand once the movie comes out!!