Thursday, October 14, 2010

Donna Hay Challenge

Picture from Donna Hay
 I was very lucky for my birthday and Kristy bought me a subscription to the Donna Hay magazine.  It arrived in the mail this week and it is beautiful.  Her magazine really catches your eye (like I explained here once before).  I would love to sit in on a shoot one day and watch them create the beautiful layouts for each photo.  I think this would be my dream job, styling for Donna Hay or Country Style magazine.
This magazine really feeds my addiction to these types of things, smooth, glossy, inspiring and beautiful.
I did have thoughts of taking some photos of the magazine and making them look all beautiful for this post but I have run out of time.  I am trying to get school finished for the week, pack my family and horses for a gymkhana this weekend, AnK stuff and all the other boring housey things that need to be done before you go away.
So I am challenging myself to cook something out of each magazine and share it with you.  I will make more things out of the magazine but it will depend if they look like 'the picture' or not if I share them with you.  We all have that problem don't we?  I am sure it's not just me.

On Tuesday we have a school cluster day and we have to take a shared smoko.  So my challenge recipe for this magazine is the 'White Chocolate Macaroons' and I will take them as my shared smoko.
I have never made macaroons before so this is definitely a challenge.  The challenge is also to make them look like Donna's.

See you all next week with my results.


Leah said...

Good luck, I can't wait to see the results!

robyn lee said...

I love macaroons...white chocolate - oo la la and yum ym! Looking forward to the photos. Your blog is so pretty.

Tina said...

Oh this is going to be great!! Happy baking, Angie :)