Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Results from the Donna Hay Challenge #1

The results are in with the challenge and I think it is clear that I am not a second Donna Hay.  I must first point out that I have never made macaroons or tasted macaroons.  So I think next time I will pick something that I know a little about.
The recipe was easy to follow, it didn't need any exotic grocery items, meaning I had all the things in my pantry already.  You already know that it is not possible to 'duck down the shops' in my part of the world. 

It was a little time consuming to make these macaroons.  Once I worked out that making a piping bag out of zip lock bags was the easiest way to get little dollops of mix onto the trays and then also to fill them with the chocolate filling, it saved a bit of time.
The big question is, 'Will I make them again?'.  Probably not.  At this point in my life I don't have a lot of spare fiddling time.  I like to get something in the oven and see results pretty fast.  I did enjoy making them though.  It was fun to try and make something special and play around with the photos.  I must also point out that I will never get a job with Donna as a stylist/photographer for her magazine.
They tasted fabulous and the jar was almost empty after our school cluster.


robyn lee said...

Wow - I don't know about not getting a job with Donna Hay - the photos are beautiful...I just wan't dive in a grab a macaroon!!!
Robyn Lee x

Tina - Georgie Girl said...

Totally think you should get a job with Donna Hay - your pics are beautiful!! I'd like to get my hands on a macaroon and that strawberry milk............

Robyn said...

Hi Angie,

here is a blog for you to take a peek at

I work with Amber and she makes the most delicious cupakes as well as macaroons. Her blog is really interesting and has some great recipes. We get to try all sorts of goodies at work (yum).

Your macaroons look great!!

Natalie W said...

Angie, your photography is beautiful here! I too tried these macaroons with a lot less success than you! Nat x

AnK said...

Thanks ladies. I had a heap of fun with this challenge and can't wait for the next one. I really enjoy this type of photography and hope to get better at it.

Robyn, Amber's blog and cooking look beautiful. You are very lucky to be the taste tester. My husband enjoys being my taste tester..