Friday, October 29, 2010

Interview with Georgie Girl

I am so very excited about this post today.  For two reasons, because it's my first interview on our blog and the most exciting thing is that it is with Tina from Georgie Girl.
AnK and Georgie Girl formed an alliance a few months ago and have never looked back.  Combined we have created some fantastic combinations for all the little princesses out there.  The web is a fantastic thing because over time we have developed a strong relationship with Tina and feel that she is part of our own little business.  You all know that Kristy and I live about 2 hours apart but we both live about 10 hours away from Tina so rely heavily on the Internet for our little liaisons.  I was very fortunate to have met Tina at a Mathildas market in August but Kristy is still waiting to meet Tina face to face.
Welcome to our blog Tina.

1. When was Georgie Girl born and what were your original thought’s of what Georgie Girl would be?
Georgie Girl was born in 2009 after my first baby, Georgiana was born. I bought her some handmade clothing and when it arrived I thought to myself “I can make that!”… and so I did! I thought Georgie Girl would be a very different label that stood out from the crowd and I was always intent on using unique fabrics.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from when creating?
All of my inspiration comes from the fabrics I spend a lot of time sourcing. It’s always a case of find the fabric, then decide on the design and combinations. I think I also get a lot of inspiration from various historical periods. I adore spending time scouring through images and articles associated with the lifestyles in ancient Greece and Rome and England in the 1600 – 1800’s.

Ooohhh I have an addiction to fabric so I would love to see your stash.

3. How did you find Made It and did you ever think there would be a ‘Georgie Girl Craze’?
I happened upon madeit after a very supportive friend from my mother’s group emailed me a link to it while I was deciding how best to market my creations. I still don’t believe that there is a “Georgie Girl Craze”! It’s all very surreal to me.

With over 5000 likers on FB I think it is definitely a craze. 

4. How do you juggle your new career and family life?
Not very well!! I am lucky to have a husband who is extremely supportive and who shares those parts of the workload that I trust him with and I do most of my creating at night while my 15 month old sleeps.

WOW Tina we are alike.. We have also taught our husbands how to pack mail, tag items & cut cards up.

5. Georgie Girl now has a sister store Georgie Loves Fabric. What gave you the idea of opening another store?
I think “Georgie Loves Fabric” was a natural transition for me and I feel as though it almost happened by itself. Once I discovered lots of new ways to source amazing fabrics, I decided I wanted an outlet where I could share them and also give others the opportunity to create with beautiful fabrics and other special items.

6. Georgie Loves Fabric has beautiful fabrics and accessories. Tell us about the style you are creating in this store?
I have always been devoted to the “Shabby Chic” style and there is something so whimsical and exclusive about a boutique style store so I have tried to combine the two. I hope that I will continue to create a feeling of vintage luxury while my little venture progresses.

AnK also loves the "Shabby Chic" style and I think that you definitely portray it in Georgie Loves Fabric.
 7. When did you start sewing and what was the first item you finished?Georgie Girl store has been closed BUT at 8pm on Saturday to celebrate Tina's birthday it is re-opening.  YAY!!  So here are some designs that we can look forward to purchasing when the store re-opens.
I did a limited amount of terrible sewing in high school and thought I would never try it again. However, I was always in awe of those who could create beautiful items with fabric and so after Georgiana was born, I just had this obsessive need to master the art. The first item I finished was a little cotton bassinette sheet for Georgie…and then another…and another… and another!

I wonder if you can glue them Kristy... LOL

8. Tell us what would be the Perfect day in Tina’s world?
Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I’m a terrible morning person and so a perfect day in my world MUST start with a very indulgent sleep-in. The rest of my perfect day would be spent at home with my family.

I think that maybe we have all forgotten what a sleep in is.  Your day sounds perfect.

As I mentioned before that we are 'in' with GG so here are some matching hair accessories for these beautiful outfits.  If you check out AnK Bowtique you will find these available for purchase on Saturday also.

M2M GG Dusky Rose Stretch Lace Headband

M2M GG Ornamental Flora Clips Set

M2M GG Peppy Patchwork Clips Set

M2M GG Strawberry Lane Stretch Headband Set.

Thanks Tina for the interview and I can't wait for Saturday.  AnK are big fans of Georgie Girl. xx

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