Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I LOVE Donna Hay

While I was in town on Monday afternoon I dropped into the newsagent and straight away this mag caught my eye.  It's funny what colours catch your attention and that is why I probably love pastels so much.  I see them everywhere
I am in love with the colours in Donna Hays Kids recipe book.  The pastels are so creamy and delicious looking.  The little melted choc cups on the front cover are just so cute.  I think I may use this idea for one the girls birthdays.  I may put some yummy ice-cream and toppings in them, or a little cake with a topping of some sort.  Those little cake stands are just gorgeous too.
I have decided that I may need to find myself some beautiful pastel kitchen ware.  Any ideas were to start or what items I should start with?


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carla.armytage said...

Angie, try for pastel kitchen ware - they have cute cermaic bowls. Also try they have great kitchen ceramics - happy shopping! CARLA