Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Aftermath of our FB Garage Sale

On Friday night we held our first Garage Sale on Facebook.  We went into our garage sale with thoughts of organisation (in which Kristy and I are freaks of), we would write the buyers names on the products when they were sold.  Ha, were we mistaken.  All those thoughts went out the window along with all the organisation.  It was absolute madness.  I haven't laughed as hard as I did in ages.  Peoploe are so funny. 
It was a race to get the first comment on the item, then they were the purchaser.  There were lots of people we knew at our sale but also lots of newcomers to our sale. 
We have had comments like "I don't know how I got on your page last night, or know any of your products but I joined in and had such a ball.'  Alot of comments like 'It's so addicitve, it's cheaper than the pokies'.

Anyway Kristy has had a very busy 48hrs sorting out who bought what and doing invoices.  Poor Kristy, we live about 2 hours from each other so I couldn't be there to help.  But she has done a wonderful job of getting organised again.

We went for 3 hours and listeds items every couple of minutes.  We certainaly had FB in turmoil.  Fans were being blocked from us and then they were logging in as boyfriends, husbands, fathers or anyone else they new.  We are truly sorry if you are still blocked, most of our fans are back up and running.
These photos are all our products we had in our sale.


ZippyZippy said...

Thats fantastic girls
Glad it was a huge success!

Jodie Newton said...

I had sooo much fun. I have been telling everyone about it. Can't wait to get it all. My hats go off to you two. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves on the night.

AnK Bowtique said...

Thanks ladies. The night was fun....the aftermath a different story...LOL !!