Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter at Home.

We had a lovely easter at home this year.  Our dearest and closest friends came to us for a visit.  We had such a great time.  We hunted wild pigs(something our husbands do for a hobby).  They are disease carrying pests here so it is best they are erradicated.  We also went to a water hole on our property that has a small amount of water left in it but heaps of little fish.  The kids all caught fish and crabs and then swam and explored.  We cooked sausages on a fire and had them with bread. 
It is the simple things that makes the holidays so enjoyable.

The most horrible thing about the holidays is that I am going to be the meanest mum in the world.  Miss M and I are going back to school tomorrow.  I know it is still holidays but we will be taking some time off this term for our Ag Show Season so we need to be ahead in our school work.  Distance Ed doesn't wait for anyone and it is quite stressful to be behind.

Here are some photos of our easter break.  I hope everyone has had a lovely relaxing break.  I hope we can all find strength in ourselves to tolerate the sugar highs our kids are going to experience over they next little while!!!

XX Angie

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