Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Schoolroom Disaster

My school day yesterday was such a disaster that I couldn't even face blogging !! Like Angie I started full of enthusiasm for a new year of distance education.  Miss M & Master T are in Grade 3 this year.  Unfortunately they were not so impressed to be back in the schoolroom after such a lengthy holiday.  Our day was a nightmare - we started at 8am and worked till 2.30pm and still didn't finish 1 day of work.  Today is going remotely better. Yesterday I was even thinking that driving the 1200 kms + a week to go into a mainstream school maybe worth considering ?  Here's hoping that the rest of our year isn't so stressful. NOTE- Looks can be deceiving, of course they look like they are doing their handwriting in the photos above but in reality they are whining about having to learn ANOTHER way to write - cursive !! YUCK !!

I do like having an organised schoolroom full of colour with everything in it's place. Even if the munchkins don't appreciate it, I like the look of it...LOL !!  Here are 3 new additions to our schoolroom this year.

Exercise Book Covers that are removeable and can be used over and over again - what a great idea, love them !! Nextra Newsagents - Made by Spencil.

Chalkboard Stickers - adhere (and remove) from walls, cupboards etc.  These have proven to be very useful !! Crazy Clarks' - yes these were a BARGAIN BUY !!

Here are our desks all ready to go - the blue papers are our school papers which we return to the school for the teacher to mark and comment on.  I got these great chair bags at Spotlight for under $10 for the kids to keep all their 'special' things in and leave their desk drawers for their actual work !!
Best get back to it, please think of Angie and I as you deliver your children to their closest school and have a day of leisure sipping coffee/wine (that's what you do isn't it ??)

P.S - Don't forget TODAY is the last day to enter our giveaway !! Nominate us  (pretty please) for the Handmade Kids Rising Star Award.  See previous blog for details.


Little Eve said...

Hats off to you! Classroom looks great. Good luck with it all. I can only imagine what it must be like for you.

m.e (Cathie) said...

wow, you are definitely super mums!
we are off to our 1st day of 4yr old kinder tomorrow so I will definitely be thinking of you both.

AnK said...

Thanks Cathie & Little Eve...lots of positive vibes needed & a few stiff drinks !!

Amanda said...

Hi Kristy
We are slowing getting into the swing of things - juggling act with prep & yr 2. We have had some disaster days too ... hope all gets smoother as the year goes on. Great to see another distance ed classroom.