Friday, January 15, 2010

Cupcake Fever

Although it's still 3 weeks away Miss M and Master T have already began planning their 8th birthday.  The Donna Hay Kids Issues are spread all over my lounge room floor with ear marked pages on birthday party ideas.  Master T has requested a figure 8 race car track and Miss M after much deliberation wants a Giant Cupcake Cake !! So the Wilton Cupcake tin has been ordered and I have started the shopping list - chocolate bullets, musk sticks, lollipops, sprinkles......lots of icing sugar !!  We have also been practising perfecting our cupcake recipe.  I have finally found one that appears to be foolproof.

We made these little butterfly cakes yesterday and they worked out quite well.....and even tasted better than they looked.......filled with strawberry jam and whipped cream....YUM !!  Now onto the present list - Miss M wants a pettiskirt, a charm bracelet, more rainbow fairy books and some new singstar games.  Master T has an impressive list - motorbike (I don't think so !!), nintendo ds lite, pocket knife (!!!).  Now that our creek is down we're off to the shops - 6 hour return journey for us so hopefully I can fit in all the cake decorating, party food and present shopping lists whilst negotiating the list of dozer parts, cattle vaccine, ribbon supplies and groceries.  In the meantime we'll just enjoy our last week of school holidays :(
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Have a great weekend


Kym said...

I have the that Donna Hay Cake/party book too! I love! Drool over the pictures!

AnK said...

I just love the Donna Hay kids issues !! Thanks Kym for your blog entry to our giveaway !!