Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book review by Miss M

In school this week we have been doing work about being a good friend in one of our subjects.  I think that this has been a really great concept for children to learn.  Maybe if we all concentrated a little more on what being a good friend means then bullying may subside.  We are really lucky that our children are not exposed to bullying through Distance Education but it doesn't only happen at school.  It can take place anywhere and I would be totally heartbrocken if my child was bullyed.  People have different views about bullying but I stand for it to be dealt with through the proper channels and that children should not have to suffer from unacceptable social behaviour of other children.

Anyway on a lighter note one of the books that we have been reading about being a good friend is 'Amy and Henry' written by Stephen Michael King.  My girls have really enjoyed this book and quite frankly so have I.
Miss M is going to give us book review about it.
Miss M says "Henry is an ordinary person who is opposite to all the other people in the world.  Henry likes squiggly things and he is very silly because he has a red coat and a paper hat.  Henry meets Amy and Amy shows him the Ups and Downs and the Downs and Ups.  They build a tree house together.  Amy makes the plan so the tree house fits perfectly in the tree while Henry adds some squiggly bits that make them both giggle.  They share the tree house together.  They are really good friends.
I like all of Henry's sqiggly bits and the tree house because it has pretty squiggly bits."
Thanks Miss M.

Both the girls have decided that we now need a tree house.  They have a cubby house that they both hardly play in so a tree house is out of the question.  Maybe if I add some 'Squiggly bits'.
So I though I would share with you some tree houses that I found.
Bye for now

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