Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our School...Unique & Amazing

Imagine a classroom more than twice the size of Victoria, where the playground is as vast as the outback and the partnership between home and school is legendary.

That's our school, fabulous, unique, school of the air - LSODE (Longreach School of Distance Education).

Yesterday was our local Cluster Day - a day where the teachers travel to us and the kids travel into town and get to experience a day with their teacher and classmates.

The mums and home tutors (or Govy's - short for Governess) get to catch up over a coffee or two, sample the 'bring a plate smokos' and discuss any concerns with their childs' teachers.  Yesterday we also previewed the new Distance Education National Curriculum Papers and some new technology that will be available in 2012.

Miss M works with her teacher on an art task.

Note the 'pipecleaner creature bracelet' worn by Mrs King, designed and created by Mr T :)

Miss B practises her very best Prep Handwriting

Miss F. is just as cheeky as her teacher, working on some Christmas decorations.

Miss G. designing a Christmas art scratching.

Mr Z. always enjoys catching up with friends at minischool.

Miss H helping a friend, showing her how to fold the Christmas decoration.

Miss M & her teacher.

We are really so very lucky to have such wonderful teachers who are dedicated and really do believe that 'Effort Conquers Distance'.

If you are interested in finding out more about the way School of The Air works, you can visit our school and have a tour:

Longreach School of the Air
Landsborough Highway

Longreach, Queensland

All proceeds from the tour and souvenir sales go to providing Excellence in education for Isolated Children.

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