Monday, October 3, 2011

Footy Fever....

Sorry but I am not from down south so I know very little about AFL, but I LOVE the NRL.  During the season I follow Melbourne Storm only because Billy Slater plays for them (soft spot for Billy) but on Sunday afternoon I was hoping that the Warriors would beat Manly.  Partly because I am half Kiwi and also because I am not a fan of the colour maroon.  But I have found these gorgeous items in Made It that have the colour maroon in it.  I think I may even have to change my thoughts on the colour maroon/burgundy or what ever you call it!

Rainbow Lollies


Manca Un Bottone

Idle Hands

Curious Tuesday

Then I stumbled across this and couldn't help myself from sharing.....but it's for our four legged friends.


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Anonymous said...

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