Friday, October 14, 2011

Meet Miss Emma...

Hi everyone! I'm Emma and I will be joining the AnK family in 2012 as governess and many-hat-wearer with Kristy and her family. Currently my fiance and I live in the rolling green Gippsland hills in Victoria, on my family's prime lamb and potato farm.

In the past I have also been a many-hat-wear - as a nanny, photographer, crafter, graphic designer and farmers-wife-in-training. I am a professional photographer, having studied commercial photography and graphic design at uni in Melbourne. I also have a children's clothing and accessories business, Little Miss Emma, on madeit (currently on a bit of a hiatus!) I love sewing, baking, blogging and generally being a non-typical gen y young woman ;)

I have a blog, Cinderella at Brindabella, where I chronicle all that goes on at Brindabella, scrubbing up the ramshackle farmhouse, our cottage garden and my highly organised currently very messy sewing room.

My fiance, Matt, and I are getting married this December at Brindabella. We are taking the honeymoon adventure of a lifetime and hitting the road after our wedding - traveling and working around Australia. 

First stop? Alpha QLD as governess and jackaroo team! We can't wait :)

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CountryMouse said...

Hi Emma,
Welcome aboard the LSODE express. Look forward to meeting you next year. You will have a ball and AnK family are lovely people.