Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Made It finds..

 I am comparing myself to a fine tuned marathon runner (if you have seen me you will know that is definitely not the case) who is at the last leg of their run.  You can feel all your muscles seizing up and you are starting to feel delirious.  Thoughts of not making it are running through your head.  All this hard work and maybe it is all going to be for nothing!  Then suddenly you get this feeling of new enthusiasm, maybe you will make it.  No there it goes, that thought was short lived.

I am on my last week of school.  This has been the longest term (12weeks) in history.  I am even taking the last week off because I think I will go absolutely mad if I have to drag myself back out to the school room for another week. 

This weeks 'Made It' finds are some cute things I found last week.

Fancy That. (much better than the Woolies variety)
Choochie Bubble (Its a wheat bag, to warm up and snuggle with)
Zinnia Pea (gorgeous sayings printed on cup and saucer)
Anrol Designs ( I have just purchased this for my bedroom)
I hope you enjoy!

I am now thinking like the little engine that could, ( I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.)

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ZippyZippy said...

love that shower cap and the red print - thanks for sharing :)