Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Madeit Monday....Fit for a Royal Wedding

Where did my holidays go, where oh where can they be ?? Yes we are back in the schoolroom, started yesterday.  Despite the fact there are 3 public holidays this fortnight, the distance education paper writers in their wisdom have not allowed for public holidays.  The thought of this VERY FULL term has scared me back into school action.  Today our classroom is full of heaving personal referrants, front ending 4 digit numbers, and using the 'adjustment' strategy to add.  No idea what I'm on about....well you will once the national curriculum is released !!

Anyway enough about school, I was tempted to blog about mothers day but have decided the Royal Wedding just must take precendence !!

Check out what I found on madeit that is fit for a royal wedding !! AnK will be working on some very special wedding outfits over the next few months, can't wait until we can see all the wedding princesses in their outfits :)

Paper Boat Invitations Wedding Invitation in a Tin $18

My Sweet Prints Customised Wedding Scroll $25

All About Romance Bridal Flower Ring $20

Pinwheels and Pearls Wedding Ribbon Wands $200 for 100 wands

Hand Poured Insewition Wedding Bomboniere - 50 seductive soy
Vintage Bird caged Votive's $285

The Sugar Pot Best Man Cufflinks $9.95

Nyjole Jewellery Lace Bracelet $86

Happy madeit shopping :)


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Tina M - Georgie Girl said...

Nice finds Kristy! Love the votives - very classy :)