Monday, April 18, 2011

Madeit Monday....Baby Shoes....too cute :)

Last night we went to a christening, there was a chill in the air and the mossies were fierce but we had a great time ! Thanks Anna & family for having us, Mr T and Miss M were rather besotted with little Tempe !  I was surrounded by an adorable group of babies, ohhhh so cute.  Searching madeit today I was thrilled to find so many gorgeous pairs of baby footwear - this is a little girl orientated sorry but I mean where would a girl be without a good collection of shoes to match each outfit ;)

Memory Lane Mary Janes Nesian Kids $20
Soft Sole Baby Shoes Candy Gallery $20
Plum Petal Baby Shoes Miss Poppitt $15
Rosie Toes Shoes Sharmeil $15
Eloise Mary Janes Little Wildrose $35

 Madeit has some wonderful sellers with such fantastic
handmade items.  Why not have a search and see what you can find.

I can't possibly blog about baby shoes without telling you about Joyfolie - these shoes will make your heart melt and your mouth drool.  They are impossibly beautiful and ridiculously hard to get.  Oh so divine, I just love them. Let me know what you think.

Happy rainy day shopping.  I'm still stuck in the clutter of Miss M's wardrobe - yes there will be enough hand me downs for everyone !!


Nicole said...

Did you have to show me those shoes? I want them all!

Tina M - Georgie Girl said...

Joyfolie = PERFECTION!!!!!

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