Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Front Verandah

With the kids off mustering for the whole day I decided it was time to get stuck into some much needed cleaning.  First job, the front verandah - over run with gecko/frog poo, spider webs and dust it was in need of some high level attention. It scrubbed up pretty well and looks great now that I have added my new cushions from Chicken Ink.

Tania (insert talented, multi -tasking Mum) Goranitis not only made these cushions but is also the clever creater of my removable diary cover.  Now if I could only remember to use it.  Maybe I should use it for our pettiskirt / beanie orders - Angie would be impressed as I'm certain that she thinks my 'brain notebook' will fail me one day :)

So now the front verandah is a place to enjoy a coffee and muffin.

Or catch up on a mag or a book.

Or even enjoy the view.

It might distract me from what I really need to do ;)
(O.K Angie I'll write it down for you :) ) write down what's in the 'brain notebook'.

Off to get some more much needed jobs done before the kids return from their mustering adventure. Ohhh musn't forget to send a BIG BIG thankyou to Catherine from
I'd bumped something on my camera and as I NEVER read the manual for anything I had no idea what I did.  One quick call to Catherine and all those numbers and letters (which still don't mean anything to me !!) were fixed.  So thanks Catherine !! Much appreciated !!



Chicken Ink. said...

Thanks so much for the lovely post - I am touched!


ZippyZippy said...

Hope you enjoyed the sirenity. Looks like a lovely spot to have a cuppa and a cup cake

AnK said...

Thanks ladies :)

Handmade Kids said...

What a great spot, I think you should come create one at my house :)