Saturday, June 29, 2013

Minischool, Distance Education style.

Term 2 is always a busy one at AnK Headquarters, with the holidays arriving it's like a breath of fresh air has arrived.  No science electrical circuits, no Japanese assignments due, no multi modal advertisements to create, or extreme weather events to report on.  Not even a fitness video, fraction assessment or an overdue art portfolio.  These are just some of the things the kids worked on during Term 2.  It wasn't all hard work though, we did have some moments of fun (shhhhh don't tell our school principal, she has an extreme aversion to FUN !!).  Early in June we packed up our bags and headed to LSODE Quarters for a week at minischool ! 15 Year 6 students, 2 teachers, 3 governesses, quite a few Mum's and this year even a DAD !! Minischool is a week where all the Year 6 kids get together and get to experience a week of 'normal school', in a classroom with their peers and teachers.

I was Head Cook for the week, ably assisted by an Assistant Cook, Head Supervisor, Supervisors and Medical Officer.  We were responsible for all meals (Breakfast, 2 x Smokos, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert), showers, sleeping and medication.  It was an amazing week and the kids had a blast. Here are some images to show you what a week at minischool looks like, thanks to Lisa Alexander Photography and the Yr 6 teachers for the images. Thanks to the teachers and staff at LSODE for making each and every minischool a memorable experience.  We have such a fantastic school, if you are in the area you should pop by for a tour - Longreach School of The Air or click on the link to like our NEW facebook page ! Thanks also to the mums and governesses who assisted during the week.

Tom tries his hand at Archery with one of the Yr 6 teachers as the target !

Disco night with DJ Mac and DJ Gary

School Photo Time

The School Quarters have bunk bed style accomodation

There is usually lots of talking and catching up (and not so much sleeping !!)

Circus Tricks

LSODE Rock Icecreamery - always a big hit !

Lots of food choices - smoko on the quarters deck.  Apple slinkys were a big hit this year.

Values Lesson

Mrs Arthur gives the spiel on manners, giving thanks and respect.

Science ....electricity circuits !

The boys hard at work, showing that some REAL work does happen at minischool.

Movie Night

Photo Scavenger Hunt - this photo was for the 'Naked' category !

Japanese Sumo Suit egg and spoon races.
Olivia and her Governess Miss Kate try out the suits.
Catching up friends - I think they would all agree this is the best part of minischool.


CountryMouse said...

wow so much fun ... exhausting but fun :)

sharon said...

the quarters are such a great facility, having just returned from our small schools school camp in the last week of term, in Longreach.