Monday, June 18, 2012

Madeit Monday - Everything is Pear Shaped

It's all gone a bit pear shaped here at AnK Headquarters.  Firstly Angie and her family have left this:

for this - I call it running away, she calls it - "Good bye over committed, out of control life and hello to 1 month of NO commitments".

Not only has Angie left me in charge of AnK for a month and the school Tourism Committee, which currently has no permanent tour co-ordinator (that's another LONG story), but our good friends and neighbours The Phillips' are moving !!! Suzanne (aka AnK Girl Friday) and her gorgeous family are off to live 3 hours away. Last night was a rather emotional farewell as we got together for a dinner of delicious Lasagna (Donna I think Tom is moving in, he was looking for leftovers in the fridge this morning !!), Chicken & Spinach Risotto & Beef Stroganoff finished with Golden Syrup Dumplings. Very sad household here at AnK this morning.

We will miss the Phillips', the spur of the moment sleepovers, tubing on the dam, them popping over for a swim, playing Little Pet Shops, sharing delicious food and wine, leaving parcels in each other mailboxes, mini fashion parades and understanding each others' children.  Suzanne will still be part of the AnK team, however things will just take a little longer to be custom made.  As I mentioned it's all gone pear shaped !  Here's some pear shaped finds from madeit:

Tiges & Weince Pretty Owl Decorative Pear $45
DeMeDe Kids Apple & Pear Skirt Sz 1$18

Totally Innocent Pears Illustration Print $25
Allana C SLR Camera Strap $24.50
Henrietta and Morty Pears Cushion $29.95
A Bundle Of Fun Three Pears Card $5

Red Stitch Designs Love Pears $39.95
There's some other pear-shaped news from AnK Headquarters but I think I'll leave that for another post !  Please be patient with me as I negotiate the maze of emails and orders.

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