Sunday, June 24, 2012

Goodbye and goodluck...Miss Emma & Matt

You may recall my post from last week about everything going pear shaped at AnK Headquarters - you can read about it here - PEAR SHAPED POST

At the time I warned you of some more pear shaped news.  This is the blog post I have been delaying writing as it makes me very sad.  Remember Miss Emma ?  Her and her husband Matt joined the Malden family at the end of February 2012.  Miss Emma as our governess (aka twin tamer extraordinnaire) to the Year 5 terrors - Mr T and Miss M and Matt as part of our mustering team.  Matt and Emma are on their honeymoon around Australia and we feel privledged that they have stopped and experienced life with us for the last 4 months.  You can read about their travels here - The Happy Campers - An Outback Honeymoon Adventure.

Miss Emma & Matt's wedding.  Image by Sunny + Scout.
You can read about their fabulous wedding
as featured on the Style Me Pretty Blog

Matt and Emma have been an amazing asset to our team.  Miss Emma has delivered a breath of fresh air into our school room and I'm sure the kids are much happier with her presence in there than mine !
I wonder if Matt and Emma realised when they turned down this road,

and crossed this footbridge,

and settled into life in this donga...

of the experiences they would have whilst being part of our life at Malden ?

For Matt it hasn't all been about relaxing in the hammock ;) There's been motorbike mustering, branding, fencing, preg. testing, horse riding, space cowboying, negotiating flooded creeks....

 and a spot of coat hanger stacker building for AnK ;)

 Miss Emma has survived 3 units of Year 5, athletics carnival, recipe book editing, swimming carnival, home tutor workshop, cluster day, on air lessons, netball, mud driving,hat rack upholstering, boating flooded creeks, grocery shopping, dogs in the school room, pony club, tulle explosions, minischool and mini school room meltdowns (plus loads more !).

 She has taught me to instagram, given me some photography tips, taught Miss M to sew and watched her vehicle make a dramatic entrance into Malden whilst continuously tidying the exploding mess in the school room.

Emma and Matt will be sadly missed, they have been more than we could have ever hoped for when employing a young couple.  We wish them well on the rest of their honeymoon adventures and hope they look back fondly on their time spent at Malden with us. Goodbyes are always difficult, so until we meet again.........

keep chasing that perfect sunset.

P.S Thanks to Emma Steendam Photography for the majority of photos in this blog ;)


Ali said...

what a beautiful post Kristy! I've been reading Emma's blog adventures of her life at Malden - I'm sure you'll miss both Emma and Matt immensly!

Anne Meyer said... adventure! I love it...and the photos are very awesome. :)