Monday, May 14, 2012

Malden Makeover

After attending a Shannon Fricke workshop with Angie last year, I have been keen to makeover my lounge room and dining area. Faced with a collection of timber overload (floorboard look lino, timber blinds, timber furniture, timber french doors etc) I set about trying to 'lighten' our living area. We purchased a cream leather lounge (Oh No !! I hear you say, so far so good and the lounge has survived the 10 year old twins !!) and some Providore Furniture from Freedom.  Although I am far from finished (insert gasp here from Mr AnK...what do you mean you haven't finished !!), I am well on my way to creating my own style.  A few weeks ago whilst shopping in Emerald (the big smoke) I picked up this hat rack from Kennedy and Grace (lovely new store with loads to offer emeraldites...must visit !!).
I had big plans for this hat rack, which I shared with Miss Emma (aka Malden Governess extraordinare).  Since finding some fab fabric at Shannon's gorgeous attic workshop abode I had been on the hunt for something similar.  Last year I purchased some fabric samples from ebay store The Persian Bazaar

It is the most beautiful, soft fabric which I instantly fell in love with.  Only problem is, when I went to purchase more (with the aim of upholstering some chairs and getting some cushions made) ....the ebay store was closed !! I'd appreciate any leads ANYONE has on sourcing the same fabric (yes I have tried to contact the store) - it is an upholstery fabric that has been treated with a mould inhibitor and scotchguard and is so very soft.  There is no name on the fabric but I'm almost certain the seller mentioned the fabric was from overseas - China or Japan maybe !!

Anyway after trapsing all over the internet to no avail trying to find something similar, I decided to go with what little fabric we had.  We upholstered the hat rack (envisage The Block style challenge, with the addition of 2 not so helpful children and a spilt glass of water !).  Here is the end product......

VERY impressed with how this turned out...what do you think ?? I was pleased to see my idea actually came to fruition and with the help of Matt (Miss Emma's husband) is now hanging on our wall, directly above our new piece from Freedom.

Miss Emma was also able to whip up some cushions with the remaining fabric (it's all gone now ...oh no ! ).  She is certainly a whiz on the sewing machine (thanks Mum for the lend of the machine and Angie for sending over the wadding used in the hat rack.)

Next project...curtains !!  Apologies for the photos (I need to master inside shots !!), I did learn a few tricks from Emma Steendam Photography in the process ;)  Hope you all had a relaxing Mothers Day, I enjoyed lunch with a friend whilst admiring the new touches to our living room and some flowers from our garden :)


Alison Barnicoat said...

Wow! I love it, want to make over my lounge, it is woeful!

Bushgovo said...

Loving the house, looking beautiful.

I have just awarded you the Liebster Award. To find out what it is check out my blog post on it.

CountryMouse said...

Hi, I have given you the Liebster Award. Thank you for sharing you creativeness you do a great job.

Becca@Furniture Melbourne said...

Thanks so much for sharing this... I love the floral deigns of your curtains and those pillow cases is so elegant matching the beauty of the house.

lounge suites brisbane said...

You've done a great job in your living room. The floral designs of the curtains and pillows perfectly match the the theme of the room.