Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Madeit Monday - Beautiful Bows

As we head into the show season, naplan tests, minischool, end of a financial year and mustering I find myself with limited time to spare. Unfortunately blogging is one of the first things I find myself bypassing on the way to TRY to complete the never ending Job List. I managed to grab a few minutes yesterday whilst the kids were at Pony Club (under the watchful eye of Miss Emma). This weeks Madeit Monday blog post is all about bows - beautiful, big and little bows. Hope you find something you like :)
oopsidaisi Vintage Bow Singlet $26
Simple Wrap Bow Party Bags $2
Baboom Newborn Bow Knot Beanie $29.50
Pussy's Bowtique Sailor Bow Shoe Clips $8.00
Aussie Arte Canvas Bow Bag $69
The Bear and The Whale Jersey Winter Dress $35
Little Peanut Bow Earrings $8.00

Happy madeit shopping....do you have a favourite madeit seller, we'd love to know so we can feature them in some future Madeit monday blogs.

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