Monday, July 11, 2011

The Epic Photo Shoot

I've always been told I never do anything by halves but I was even starting to wonder what we had got ourselves into when planning for the AnK Bowtique & Mulberry Photo Art 2011 Photo Shoot Extravaganza.  Whilst packing the car I started to wonder how on earth we were going to cope with the 35 models, each with at least 2 changes of outfits and 4 changes of accessories.  Would everyone turn up on time, would the clothes fit, would I remember all the names of the princesses? Even though we had put our madeit store into vacation mode, AnK Headquarters was still insanely busy with Mr AnK's skin cancer operation, school papers to be done, mustering, tax, and all of the other associated tasks that come with running a busy cattle property whilst teaching and crafting.

Like every big event there are always people behind the scenes making sure everything goes to plan.  I would like to send a great big thankyou to my special helper at "Malden" - Miss Courtney. Courtney happily helped to bag and tag outfits, pack, unpack, repack and swap accessories countless times. 

Mr AnK also needs to be thanked for his ability to put up with racks of clothes, ribbon, bows, fabric etc strewn all across the lounge room and pettiskirts hanging in every available cupboard. He was also in charge of Master T whilst we were away and although I have it on good authority that not a lot of vegies were consumed, a good time was had :)

A special big thankyou to my little helper, Maddy.  Affectionately named Little Miss AnK by Phoebe, she really did try to help out even though she had been eaten by mossies at shoot 1 and was tired and cranky.  Apologies to those who witnessed the whingy moments !! And here she is - not looking the slightest bit like a drama queen !!

Of course I can't forget to thank the other half of AnK - Angie and her Mr AnK who put up with incessant phone calls and demands for this and that as well as having Master T and Miss M for a sleepover. Angie was able to sort my mess in the Mulberry Photo Art Studio and had everything under control. I also need to thank my parents and my sister who had the kids come stay for some of the school holidays while I could focus on the photo shoot.

A mammoth thanks to Phoebe - owner, creator and dedicated photographer from Mulberry Photo Art
Over 3000 images.....WOW
Phoebe had the most unbelieveable amount of patience with each and every model.
Despite having her own family to attend to she dedicated herself to ensuring each child had some beautiful portraits as well as satisfying AnK for products shots.  Thanks so much Phoebe and to Mr MPA and MIL MPA for providing family assistance so that you could click away.

A huge thanks to all the little models and their mums and dads.  Some who travelled from long distances to attend.  It was lovely to meet you all even though it was only a quick hello on most occassions.

A special thanks to our locations Emerald Homestay, The Irish Village, and the Hutchinson Family.

It may take us a while to recover but the images Phoebe has uploaded far outweigh the efforts involved.  Truly beautiful photos by an extremely talented lady.  We highly recommend Phoebe if you are looking for a photographer in the central highlands, all her details, pricing and dates available are on her website.  She is best reached by email.

Thanks to all of our fans for their support, we look forward to working with you to continue creating beautiful accessories for your princesses.


Jo Leonard said...

What a busy busy time for all involved in the AnK Bowtique and Mulberry Photo Art photoshoot! I am the very proud Mum of Miss Ruby L and must say how happy and amazed at just how organised you all were. Maddy was an unbelievably good help! Love the photos,the clothes, the accessories and your patience:)Keep up the brilliant work and we are looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas in July Craft Fair in Capella on the 23rd July...

Sheree26 said...

It would appear that all of the creating, organising and travelling was well worth it, as we knew it would be! Congratulations Ank and Mulberry Photo Art, for not only showcasing some beautiful children and beautiful products, but for making experiences like this possible for all of the princesses from regional areas.

Naturally Carol said...

You are right..the photo's are delightful and each so different, really showcasing each child and outfit. Well done. I am sure the rest are amazing as well.