Monday, February 7, 2011

Madeit Monday - Rainbow Bright

Well the Rainbow Party was a success, I think there will be 20 VERY exhausted children in central Queensland today, promise to post photos soon.  But first here is our madeit Monday blog - all things rainbow and bright and colourful !!

Rainbow Bunting Flags Milly Molly Mandy $30

Pinwheels & Pearls Ribbon Wand with Jingle Bell Ladidah $8.40

Rainbow Spot Beanbags My Georgie Boy $35

Custom Rainbow Print Three Cats Studio $16

Rainbow Pillowcase Dress mushroom and me $30

Personalised Rainbow T-Shirt The Crafty Nomad $28

Boys RAinbow Stripe Cotton Necktie Cheeky Jasmine $15

Rainbow Tutu Little Fish Creations $35

Have we mentioned how much we love madeit ?? We were thrilled to open up to the top sellers page this morning and find we are Number 1 madeit seller at the moment, thanks everyone for all you shopping support.  Hope you have fun browsing all our rainbow finds :)

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