Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's time to be thankful.

Photo courtesy of Emma

As I sit and watch all the devastation on TV in Christchurch I realise that my own life is not that bad,  Yeah, I'm having a bad week in the schoolroom, my husband is away so all is left to me, I have had the worst hay fever for two days but this is all meaningless when you see how the poor people in Christchurch are dealing with such devastation.  There were a few anxious hours after the earth quake as I waited to find out about my family who live in Christchurch but thankfully they are all OK.  Miraculously some of their houses are not harmed while others have major damage but they are all alive and together.

I read Shannon Fricke's post this morning and have decided to take some of her advice.

I am living my BLISS.
I have my children with me, a husband who cares for us, great family support, live in a blissful place & fantastic friends.  What more could I want?

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