Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just like a real one....

I have just purchased 2 new horses.  There names are 'Sorbet' and 'Sherbet'.  Two little fillies waiting to fulfill the hearts of two beautiful twin nieces of mine.
They are not real horses, they are hobby horses.  You know the classic version of the stick horse.  But these are more beautiful.
Sorbet and Sherbet were created by the very talented Elke at Calamity Bolt.  Elke uses gorgeous up cycled fabrics for their beautifully detailed heads.  They are all unique in their own little ways and they can probably already tell a hundred stories or times gone by.
The stick part is handcrafted from sustainable pine and finished with a Natural Tung and Orange Oil wood finish.

Sorbet and Sherbet. 
Elke is happy to customise an order for you.  I wanted a pink and green colourway and I was more than happy with what Elke sent me as a preview.  I couldn't go past these two beauties.  What do you think?

Here is another Calamity Bolt horse available in store now.

So pop on over and see what Elke has created.  See if you can choose one from the huge yard of available horses.  A horse sale has never been so fun.

I am actually looking for a new pony for my daughter and if buying one was this easy it would cost me a whole let less in phone calls.

Good night all.

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