Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Girls Buys

Well we get asked a lot 'Where do you get girls clothes from that is over a size 7'.  Well, we are researching and finding you some brands that will cater for 'bigger girls'.
I though our first post will be to celebrate Country Road finally having 'online shopping', because you know how much we love to shop online.  That is probably because we don't have a lot of other options out here.
In true spirit of our researching I have tested the shopping cart and checkout!  It works perfectly, and postage was only $10.00.

So I have created a few outfits for you.

Outfit 1.

Pretty Frill Dress $59.95
Railroad Tote $29.95

Basket Weave Trilby $29.95
Outfit 2.
Overdye Denim Mini $44.95

Vintage Mixed Cami $44.95

Elasticised Sneaker $29.95
Outfit 3.
Clog $59.95

Lotus Dress $59.95
Leather Plaited belt $24.95

So there you have our first edition of 'Big Girls Buys'.  Sorry I haven't created links to every outfit straight to the store but I did do this inbetween 'On Air reading' and Maths.

I am off to the big smoke tomorrow (it's not actually that big but it does have shops) so I will check out what other fashion ideas I can come up with.


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