Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yellow is the new Red...GO BOREE

It has been a hive of activity here at AnK Headquarters for the start of 2013. The arrival of Miss Kat, our new Governess,  and her husband Brett was much anticipated and highly welcomed.  Kat has already survived 1 unit of Year 6 new national curriculum via Distance Education, 1 trip to Longreach for the kids swimming carnival, 1 rather large 11th birthday party, a 2 week visit from the grandparents, an Alpha Rodeo and much much more.
Welcome Miss Kat, we hope you enjoy your time at 'Malden'

Each year at LSODE the kids get very much into the team spirit.  We are of course on the 'best' team, the bright sunny yellow BOREE :) We even had the chance to make a banner for the swimming carnival.
The kids will tell you that the best part of going to school events like the swimming carnival is catching up with their friends.

Mr T with his friend Mr B who shared the ribbons, 1 first and 1 second each.

We do have a pool at home and the kids had been practising their strokes in preparation for the swimming carnival.

Miss M was delighted to get a blue ribbon for breaststoke, her favourite stroke.

And in a first for the AnK Household Mr T picked up age champion.

LSODE 11 Year Boys Age Champion 2013

It was a rather long trip home from the swimming carnival with 7, 11 year olds in the car - lots of pizza, a guest appearance from Julia Gillard (aka Rosie) and some very tired kids. It was the perfect opportunity for Miss M and Mr T to have their school friends over for their birthday.  Promise I will blog about that next :)

Some of the LSODE Year 6 class

And the winner of the swimming carnival....BOREE of course :)

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