Friday, November 11, 2011

Madeit Monday - on a Friday !! Summer Dresses.

We had no hope of our usual madeit Monday blogpost this week.  Angie and I and the kids travelled the 3 hours to Blackall for our school swim camp.  We also got to have a look at the new curriculum for 2012 and meet up with other home tutors.  It was HOT, the sweaty no air type of hot, which made me start thinking of cool summer dresses.  Check out what I found on madeit for summer for your princess.

Madison Dress Tropical Summer WOOSHI $47.95

Summer Maxi Dress HANNAH BANANNAS $45

Ava Rose Romayne Pillowcase Dress PHOEBE ELOISE $40

Livvie's Kinder Dress MY ONE BROWN MOUSE $33

Wisteria Peasant Dress SHELLI MORSE DESIGN $45
   Tomorrow we are off to Angie's for Miss S's 6th birthday party, I'm sure there will be lots of pretty dresses - until it's time for the pool !! Happy summer dress shopping.

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