Friday, December 11, 2009

An affair with the bull next door.

This post has nothing to do with AnK but more on the normal/practical side of our lives. I thought I would share this light hearted story with you.
These pictures are from my cattle property. It is very dry here and we are having to supplement feed some of our cattle with mollasses. Just like the stuff you buy in the supermarket but with a urea mix added. It helps to keep their stomachs healthy and gives them nutrients while we wait for it to rain (fingers crossed).
I know in the cities that you may get an ice-cream truck come around your streets, well for our cows this is the same thing. They usually have the trough licked clean. My girls find it quite amusing and will sing tunes just like an ice cream truck. The cows will come running from every where for their molasses.

As you can see our cattle are a reddish colour. We breed Droughtmasters. I have a cow here that was a poddy of mine (a calf with no mother and had to be bottlefed). She is still really friendly and I can pat her most of the time. We call her LeeLee. (Here she is eating molasses).

On this day when we were doing our molasses run we discovered that LeeLee has not been faithful to our bull. At some stage she has gone next door who has one Texas Longhorn Bull (that looks nothing like our cattle). Consequently this is the outcome. Introducing to you MaggieMoo. She definitely stands out from the crowd.

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Beach Vintage said...

These photos are so cute. I love watching cows in the paddock. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage.